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Diagnostic Fiberoptic Light Transillumination


Teeth with deep fractures that suddenly spread are one of the most frequent dental emergencies and one of the reasons so many of us need crowns, root canals or even lose a tooth. Often these emergencies and root canals can be prevented if the fractures are diagnosed early.  

Because today’s whitening products remove the color and stains that accumulate and darken our fractures, these fractures are harder to detect than they were in the past. The simple act of using magnification, while focusing a powerful pinpoint fiberoptic light (it’s like an intense miniature flashlight) on the tooth tells us what we need to know:


  If the entire tooth lights up from one side to the other, the tooth is intact.
  If the entire tooth lights up, but fracture lines are visible, the fractures are generally shallow and require only monitoring.
 Deep fracture from left to right blocks light. If only one portion of the tooth lights up, there is a deep crack that requires urgent care. If delayed, this tooth could be lost.


By using pinpoint fiberoptic light transillumination technology, we can identify problems within your teeth and recommend timely treatment to avoid a future dental emergency and costlier care!

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